Field Trip: Yuba Pass and Sierra Valley

Date: Saturday June 05, 2021

Time: 7:00 AM

We have had several requests for this trip, and Robin Leong has agreed to lead us. Get ready for a fabulous trip exploring the birds of the Northern Sierra and Sierra Valley.

(NSAS Event)


Leader: Robin Leong Description: The trip officially begins at 7 am on Saturday June 5. at Yuba Pass National Forest Campground on Hwy 49. We need to get an early start to see Evening Grosbeaks, Cassinís Finches, Red Crossbills, and maybe Pine Grosbeaks collecting gravel for their gizzards to crush the seeds they will be eating later in the day. We will hike the forest trails for woodpeckers, warblers and quail.

After that we will continue on the South road then drive westward on Hwy 49 to look for hummingbirds and nesting American dippers. We may be able to visit the Sierra Nevada Field Campus. Later in the evening we will try for common poorwill and common nighthawks.

Sunday, June 6, we will watch the morning birds, break camp, then head down to Sierra Valley to see what we can find. The trip will end around 4PM.

Directions: Head East on Highway 80 to Truckee, CA. Take Exit 188 A to Highway 89 North toward Sierraville, CA. From Sierraville, continue on North 89/49 West until you meet the junction for Highway 49, just past Sattley, CA. Turn left on Highway 49 towards Bassetts and to the NFS Campground. The Yuba Pass NFS Campground is only a few miles from the junction. There is also a slightly longer, alternative Route from Auburn, CA Along Highway 49. Robin is planning on camping at the Yuba Pass NFS campground beginning Thursday night. (However, currently the campground is closed and may or may not reopen by then) There is no water at the campground so you need to bring your own. If you wish to join Robin in scouting for birds meet at Yuba Pass Friday 6:30 am.

At this time, most of the campgrounds in the area are closed due to snow or hazardous tree removal. If you wish to camp youíll need to wait and see what opens, or you can book accommodations in Sierra City or Sierraville, or Herrington Sierra Pines Resort Lodge:

If you are interested in joining this trip, please rsvp to Wendy Cole at When you sign up I will send more details.

We will keep you updated on latest arrangements as needed.

A Covid release form will be needed to be signed.

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