Western Bluebirds Need Your Help. Bluebird Trails Citizen Scientists: Spring Volunteers Needed!

Do you love wildlife and birds? Are you someone that can’t help but to stop and watch when a flock of birds flies over? Does the sound of songbirds lighten your spirits? You may be the right fit for this fun volunteer opportunity. The Napa-Solano Audubon Society is looking for spring volunteers to help with our Bluebird Trails throughout Napa County.

What do Bluebird Trails volunteers do?
Volunteers are needed to visit nestboxes from early April until late June, weekly, and check up on nesting bluebirds. Training will be provided on how to carefully check on the nesting birds. Recording the results can be recorded on paper or directly into the Nestwatch App if you are “App-savvy”!

What else do volunteers do?
Many volunteers enjoy a little handywork, and may sometimes straighten leaning poles, build or make minor repairs to nestboxes, and clean out old nests.

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How Can You Get Involved?

Contact the Napa-Solano Audubon Society:
Crystal DeMarco; Environmental Education Coordinator

Ash-throated Flycatcher © 2014 Dave McMullen Yellow-breasted Chat © 2012 Dave McMullen Bald Eagle © 2014 Dave McMullen Mallards © 2013 Dave McMullen Bell's Sparrow © 2014 Dave McMullen

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