Benicia Christmas Bird Count

The Benicia Christmas Bird Count (CBC) has a long and interesting history. The purpose of this page is to provide a quick summary of this count and to provide a convenient map of the count circle, as well as links to more detailed information.

Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 1930 by Emerson Stoner
  • Run by Napa-Solano Audubon chapter since 1971
  • Current Compiler and main contact: Robin Leong (robin_leong AT netzero DOT net)
  • Circle center: 3808' N, 12206' W (see map below)
  • 76 to 106 participants in recent years
  • Typically 163-173 species recorded each year
  • 233 total species recorded since inception
  • This count sometimes leads all counts nationwide for Black Rail (10 years), Virginia Rail (7 years) and several other species.

      Find more detailed information below under "Resources".

Circle Map

The Benicia CBC circle includes the communities of Benicia, East Vallejo, Cordelia, West Suisun City, as well as parts of Grizzly Island and Grizzly Bay. Click the "View Larger Map" link below to open the map in a separate window, zoom in, switch to satellite view, etc.

Benicia CBC Circle Map

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Benicia CBC Resources
2017 Benicia CBC Summary
Detailed Species Counts - Includes 2013 totals (large .xls file)
History of the Benicia CBC - based on data up to 2013 (.pdf file)
Benicia Circle Map file - rather large jpeg file
National Audubon CBC Historical Results Lookup - Look up results for the Benicia CBC or another count. TIP: enter code "CABE" for the Benicia CBC
Summary of 109th CBC from American Birds - Western & Pacific regional summary for 109th CBC (Dec. 2008/Jan. 2009).
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