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Our mailing address is Napa-Solano Audubon Society, P.O. box 10006, Napa CA 94581. Contact information is provided below for officers, chairpersons, and members of the NSAS Board of Directors. You are also welcome to use our Request Form, which is also the best way to request to be added to our email announcement list. If you have an injured bird, please see the bottom of this page for information about local Rehabilitation Facilities.

NSAS Board members and others, Feb. 2014.
(click image to enlarge and see names)

PresidentWendy Schackwitz, PhDnapa-solano-birds AT outlook DOT com925 963-4871
Vice PresidentDr. John Gloverjglover1969 AT
gmail DOT com
707 645-1638
SecretaryDiane LeyLeydm AT
aol DOT com
707 552-2905
TreasurerKen Skolnikkskolnik AT
sbcglobal DOT net
707 422-2212
Conservation ChairNancy Piotrowski, PhDnapiotrowski AT
yahoo DOT com
707 645-1638
Field Trip Co-ChairWendy Colebeehaven2 AT
comcast DOT net
707 963-2331
Field Trip Co-ChairBruce Thomsenbrucecthomsen AT
yahoo DOT com
707 224-1906
Education ChairEric McKee  
Membership ChairSally Baumermembership AT
napasolanoaudubon DOT com
707 745-2362
Webmaster Co-ChairLaura Ericksonwebmaster AT
napasolanoaudubon DOT com
Programs ChairVacant  
Volunteer CoordinatorVacant  
Benicia Christmas Count*Robin Leongrobin_leong AT
netzero DOT net
707 643-1287
Solano County Breeding Bird Atlas*
Bay Area Council Rep
Angwin Christmas Count Organizer & Compiler*Murray Bernervireocity AT
hotmail DOT com
707 224-5897
Solano Breeding Bird Atlas Compiler*
Board Member at LargeJane Hickshixholtz AT
earthlink DOT net
Board Member at LargeDr. Bob Martinrkjbhome AT
gmail DOT com
707 257-3166
Publicity & OutreachVacant

*not a board position

Local Wildlife Rehabilitation

For injured birds in our area, please contact one of the following agencies.

Western Wood-Peewee © 2013 Dave McMullen American Robin © 2012 Dave McMullen Warbling Vireo © 2014 Dave McMullen Fox Sparrow © 2014 Dave McMullen Northern Flicker © 2013 Dave McMullen

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