Field Trip: Birding For Adults: Fun Over 50

Date: Saturday February 02, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM

"Fun Over 50" walks are geared towards active adults over 50 and will cover more detailed information about beginning birding and resources for starting out in this fulfilling outdoor pursuit. We will discuss popular field guides, weigh the pros and cons of various free birding apps, and discuss binoculars and scopes. Registration is free, and available through the City of Napa Parks and Recreation at (NSAS Event)


Leader: Crystal DeMarco

Description: We'll view the birds at Alston Park. 2037 Dry Creek Road, in Napa, CA.

Directions: From 29 Northbound, make a left at Trower Ave., follow Trower for one mile going west to where it ends at Dry Creek Rd. Make a right at Dry Creek Rd., and an immediate left into the parking lot. Sign says Alston Park. Meet at the North end of the parking lot.

Coordinator: Crystal DeMarco

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