Event: Benicia Christmas Bird Count

Date: Monday December 19, 2022

Time: 8:00 AM

Come join one of our CBC Teams and help us count birds on Monday, December 19th in our 15 mile diameter Count Circle centered off Highway 680 near Benicia. (NSAS Event)


The Benicia Count was founded by Benician Emerson Stoner in 1930 — 92 years ago! But counts weren’t done during WWII, the Korean War, and in 2020 due to CoVid-19. In 1971, Napa-Solano Audubon Society’s President, Frank Beyer took over this count. Why do a CBC? Before 1900, when families and friends gathered during Christmas, the tradition was to see how many birds could be shot in one day. This was changed by Frank Chapman in 1900 who countered this idea into observing how many birds can be seen or heard in 24-hours within a 15 mile diameter circle. Later, innovative ways to look at the data were developed. The counts were normalized to determine if species were increasing or decreasing, and if global warming was driving some species further north. Our compilation dinner will be held at the Florence Douglas Senior Citizen Center located at 333 Amador St. Vallejo, CA 94590.

For details & how to participate: contact Robin Leong: Robin_Leong@sonic.net or 707-643-1287.

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Orange-crowned Warbler © 2013 Dave McMullen Great Blue Heron © 2013 Dave McMullen Rufous-crowned Sparrow © 2014 Dave McMullen Yellow-rumped Warbler © 2014 Dave McMullen Ash-throated Flycatcher © 2014 Dave McMullen

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