Event: Status and conservation of waterbirds of the North Bay

Date: Thursday January 09, 2020

Time: 7:00 PM

Join us at the Cordelia Library for this illuminating discussion. (NSAS Event)


Learn about the work by Audubon Canyon Ranch (ACR) by their scientists, colleagues, students and volunteers who study the local status and ecology of wintering and migrant shorebirds and waterbirds in the Bay Area.

Nils will present results of 30 years of waterbird monitoring by ACR in Tomales Bay and discuss results of ACR’s 50 year’s of work on herons and egrets throughout the Bay area.

This will include presenting data on movements of the first ever satellite telemetry tracked Great Egrets on the West Coast of North America.

Nils Warnock is Director of Conservation Science at ACR He is an elected Fellow of the American Ornithological Society with 35 years’ experience on ecology and conservation of Pacific Flyway birds, especially shorebirds. Nils has a PhD in Ecology. Previously he worked as Co-Director of the Wetlands Division of Pt. Reyes Bird Observatory (now Pt. Blue, 1998-2008), and then as the Executive Director of Audubon Alaska and a Vice President of the National Audubon Society (2010-2018).

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