Event: Program: Birds of Kauai

Date: Tuesday November 14, 2017

Time: 7:00 PM

Join local birder, Mark Stephenson and his son, Lucas, on a journey to Kauai to view the colorful birds of this lush Hawaiian island. (NSAS Event)


Although few in number, the birds of Kauai are truly amazing, and now that Hawaii is in the American Birding Association, it is worth learning more about them. Mark Stephenson and his family had the pleasure of visiting Kauai during the spring and fell in love with some of the more remote sections of the island in search of their colorful indigenous and non-native birds. They were not disappointed and will share some of Kauaiís favorite hot spots and photos of its unique bird life.

Mark has been a noted birder for years, involved with Cornellís Laboratory of Ornithology since childhood. He has worked for Massachusetts Audubon and the Foresta Institute before teaching in Benicia and serving as a principal at Napa schools. He will be joined by his son, Lucas, who is also an avid birder and member of our Junior Audubon.

This program is free and open to the public at the Florence Douglas Senior Center at 333 Amador Street in Vallejo.

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