Event: Native Plant Sale

Date: Friday April 07, 2017

Time: 6:00 PM

California Native Plant Society is having their semi-annual plant sale at Skyline Park (NSAS Event)


You've read in our newsletter about the importance of native plants for birds, and the California Native Plant Society offers a great opportunity to buy native plants for your yard.

The sale happens at Skyline Park, and admission is free if you are going to the sale.

Apr 7 from 6-8p is a preview with wine and cheese for CNPS members (you can buy membership there), who get a 10% discount on plants.

Apr 8-9 the sale runs from 10a-4p.

We will have a table at the event, so stop by and say hi!

From their web site, http://www.napavalleycnps.org/index.php/native-plant-sales

If you want just one or a whole garden’s assortment of native plants, this is your chance to choose from a wide variety. All specimens are labeled, and an expert or an experienced volunteer will be on hand to help you with your selections and to answer your questions. All proceeds benefit maintenance of the Martha Walker California Habitat Garden and the programs of CNPS.

Some of the plants you will find at the plant sale for a mix of beauty, fragrance, wildlife, and carbon sequestration:  Evergreens, like Toyon (bluebirds love the berries), Ceanothus, or manzanita.  Salvias provide pollen for native bees and nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies.  Long-rooted native grasses sequester carbon deep in the soil while stabilizing banks. Snowberry is good for the oak understory.

For perennial color we will have yarrow, Mimulus (monkey flowers) in colors ranging from red to orange, Eriogonum (buckwheat), Heuchera (coral bells), California fuschia (for late summer and fall blooming), and Penstemon. We’ll have Matilija poppies that require no water at all during the summer and can be used to populate a hillside.

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