As an active chapter of National Audubon Society, we offer many opportunities for people of all ages to experience birds and learn more about the beautiful natural areas that surround us. We serve primarily the communities of Napa and Solano counties, located north and northeast of the San Francisco Bay. Attending a field trip or program is a great way to learn more about our organization. You need not be a "serious bird-watcher" to be a part of our group! We welcome newcomers and interested birders of all skill levels. As a volunteer organization with no paid staff, we offer many opportunities for volunteers to participate in a variety of projects, large or small.

Our Mission is to share the fun of birding, promote conservation and scientific understanding of wild birds and their habitats, and offer engaging, science-based education emphasizing the communities of Napa and Solano counties. Check out our updated new slide show and read more about us below.

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The Breeding Birds of Solano County is now SOLD OUT!

After only 3 months, we are already SOLD OUT of all hard copies of our new book, the Breeding Birds of Solano County.   You can still click here to order the eBook version. We are considering a second printing. If you are interested in purchasing a book from the second printing, please email us at this address: sales AT napasolanoaudubon DOT com. We will get back to you when we have more information about a possible second printing.

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More About Us

Beyond bird-watching, the Napa-Solano Audubon Society is a conservation group committed to monitoring local bird populations and preserving local biodiveristy in general. Napa and Solano counties are a beautiful and biologically rich area. We have a wide variety of natural habitats including tidal salt and fresh water marshes, vernal pools, grasslands with valley oaks, chaparral foothills, riparian corridors, and a several types of woodlands. Over 50,000 acres are cultivated vineyards. As an organization, we offer educational opportunities for the local community to increase awareness of the importance of these habitats and the birds that depend upon them. Please volunteer or make a monetary donation to help us carry out our citizen science efforts, to support our conservation work, and to provide educational opportunities for families, youth groups and schools.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization.
California tax ID: 94-2375760
Federal tax ID (EIN): 237325783

American Bittern © 2007 Dave McMullen Hermit Thrush © 2009 Dave McMullen Barn Owl © 2009 Luc Viatour (Wikimedia User: Lviatour) Snowy Egret © 2008 Dave McMullen

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