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Our mission is to share the fun of birding, promote conservation and scientific understanding of wild birds and their habitats, and offer engaging, science-based education emphasizing the communities of Napa and Solano counties. Learn more about us

Searching for Volunteers

We are in need of volunteers to support our Education Programs. This position would help organize Beginning Birding Walks and Education Activities in our Communities. If you are interested in serving in this area in any capacity, please contact Mark Stephenson at NapaBirder@gmail.com for more details.

Monthly Meeting, Walks and Field Trips

This year, we are holding our monthly speaker series meetings on Zoom until the Covid 19 virus is under control. Field Trips and other activities will resume as soon as possible once it is safe to do so in keeping within the guidelines as mandated by the State and our Counties.

Volunteers Needed!

Beginning Bird Walk: We would still like to have one more volunteer to lead beginning bird walks. Laurie Puzo would like a partner to team up with once covid restrictions are lifted. Please consider helping out. Thank you in advance!

Nest Box Monitors: We are looking for additional nest box monitors for Alston Park in Napa and possibly a few other locations. Please contact Mark Stephenson at NapaBirder@gmail.com for more details.

Special thanks to the many birders who have stepped forward and volunteered to perform this year's CBC's!!!

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California Quail © 2014 Dave McMullen American Robin © 2012 Dave McMullen Rough-legged Hawk © 2014 Dave McMullen Black-headed Grosbeak © 2013 Dave McMullen Ash-throated Flycatcher © 2014 Dave McMullen

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